Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It was the best of times it was the blurst of times??!! The Patriots 1993-94 season

Expectations were started to get high in New England, they had a great end of the season in 1993, Drew Bledsoe was showing flashes of greatness, they were under the helm of the venerable jolly Bill Parcells and finally someone bought the team. Enter Robert Kraft.

King Robert

Kraft grew up in Brookline and was a season ticket holder of the Patriots since 1972, and saved the team from moving to St. Louis. Many think at the time thought that Kraft overspent when he bought the Pats for 175 million since the team (the most ever at the time) had been a financial disaster for the past twenty years. When he bought the team, Kraft promised fans that he would keep the team in Boston, win a Super Bowl, and build a state of the art stadium for the team. Hindsight shows he was right on, but in 1994 the media thought Kraft was nuts. The fear that the Patriots were leaving Boston was finally going away.

Drew Bledsoe, and the turn around of a franchise

Drew Bledsoe had possibly one of the best single seasons in the history of the NFL, with monster numbers that at the time shattered every Patriots record. He threw for 4555 yards, 25 TDs, and completely turned around the Patriots season against the Vikings. The Patriots were stuttering and playing like shit, they had dropped the past four games and hadn't scored more than 17 points during that span. Drew "The Fucking Man" Bledsoe took the season over during the halftime of that game shattering records for most completions in a game (45) and attempts (70), as the Pats knocked the V-Men to the curb 26-20. All of a sudden the Patriots, started winning, and finished off the improbable season by winning the last six games. It takes some solid concentration to remember that Drew was one of the best QB's of his time, because his last few years with the Pats were so pathetic, and he was bad with the Bills and Cowboys, But I digress, finally the Patriots were going to the playoffs, for the first time since the Super Bowl. Fuck yes, life was sweet again.

The Bad
The Patriots were lined up for a first round match up against the maligned Bill Belichick and the Cleveland Browns. Excitement was again returning to Massachusetts, we no longer had to hide our heads in shame when talking about the Pats. The game began as the Patriots took an early lead when Bledsoe hooked up with Leroy Thompson for a 5 yard TD catch, but the Browns quickly responded when Mark Carrier scored on a Vinny Testaverde pass. Things began to look bleak for the Patriots until a Matt Bahr field goal brought them within a touchdown. The Pats recovered the onside kick, but four Drew Bledsoe incompletions turned the ball over and that cheating fuck Belichick moved on to the next round of the playoffs.

Welcome to Boston, Willie & Troy

Pats fan can look to 1994 as the beginning of a winning franchise ( I hate that D word that tWWL throws around). Starting with Bledsoe the season before, the Pats began to make excellent moves in the draft, and 1994 was no different. Troy Brown coming out of Marshall and Willie McGinest a stand out from USC were both drafted and brought in, McGinest making an immediate impact on defense, and Brown as the Punt returner.

Movie of the Year Forrest Gump.

When I was 13, I thought this movie was the shit, and as I watched I prayed I could find a freak bitch like Jenny. I was young, I thought she was hot, she liked to give it up and was crazy. And hell if a guy like Forrest, who was pretty much retarded could nail her, why couldn't I? But an interesting question remained in my pubescent mind, would I have sex with a chick who was hooked on all sorts of drugs? Thank christ I decided that no, drugged up whores were not going to be in my future. Now look at me I'm AIDS free, and happy, though a part of me wonders what nailing a chick like that would be like. I'm going to guess messy.

Top Song of the Year -The Sign- Ace of Base. I hated Ace of Base, they were a band of women that sang crappy music to crappy beats, that were all over radio. I knew nothing about this group, other than my blinding hate of them, until I did a little research and found out that one of the band members Ulf had been part of a racist white power group named "Commit Suicide" before joining Ace. Ponder that for a minute, this wimpy pop rock group recruited a musician from a group that spread hate and wished death upon others. That is quite a change in lifestyle there. To change modes here, Kurt Cobain also ended his life in April, and left his miserable shit of a widow behind to ruin his good name. Is she even still alive?

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