Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Five-Dollar Champagne Never Tasted So Good

Tonight was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Sure, the game may not have been competitive or dramatic, and the rest of the country may have shut it off in the second quarter, but I don't care. For me (and a select group of New Englanders, especially those under the age of 27 or so) tonight was better than any World Series. It was better than any Super Bowl. Those Red Sox and Patriots wins were sweet, but they were kind of like watching a cousin win the lottery. Tonight, conversely, was intensely personal. My five-dollar champagne has been sweetened with tears of joy.

For a full generation of Bostonians, being a Celtics fan has, until tonight, been a depressing exercise. Losses, poor personnel decisions and even deaths kept piling up, with no end in sight. Len Bias, Reggie Lewis and Red all died. Eric Montross, Kedrick Brown and Michael Smith were drafted. Rick Pitino coached. Those of us under the age of 27 had just resigned ourselves to this losery fate, hoping for lucky ping-pong balls in the lottery each year. But then this year occurred, seemingly out of nowhere. They played defense. They played better against top competition. They made clutch shots, and came back against seemingly insurmountable odds. I'll admit that I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, if only because it always has during my years of following this team. But it never did. Instead, they just kept winning, first in the regular season, and then in the playoffs. And now the Celtics are World Champions.

God that feels good to write.


Yablo said...


I cried. Not for me, but for The Truth. KG. Ray Allen. Doc Rivers. Red. Reggie.

That Hoyo de Monterey was f'ing sweet, though. Had plenty of time to enjoy it.

Comicbook Guy said...

For those of us old enough to remember the last time this happened, this series was wonderful! The biggest difference is the hangover seems to be much worse. Love you guys. Lust for you, Futuremrs. Enjoy this day.

Cyn said...

As another well over 27, I say congrats to those of you who never saw this and never thought you would.

I was convinced that Rick Pitino signaled the end of my Celtics-love...but being "old school" , when Ainge and Rivers entered the fold, I was sucked into believing again. Took a few years, but they did it.

Fucking a.