Friday, June 20, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

Happy First Day of Summer / Tenth Day of The Managers Of Poorly Performing Teams Screening Their Phone Calls Carefully!

Well lookie here.... the Jays What Be Blue have fired manager John "Gibby" Gibbons, and immediately replaced him with.....

Cito Gaston.

Really? That's your move, J.P.? Cito Gaston?

I'm sure his first moves as manager will be to sign Jimmy Key, George Bell, and Lloyd Moseby. And Ernie Whitt, of course, who.... wait, they just fired Ernie, too?

AAAAHHHH!!! TEMPORAL DISTORTION!!!!! Data, tell Geordi to prepare to reset the shield generators to emit a chronoton field on the alpha wavelength on my mark.....

Oh, and the Sox open a six-game homestand against, per my schedule, "STLAZ". But interleague play is an abomination against nature -- the ethical, moral, and social equivalent of anally raping a veal calf in its pen -- so I refuse to comment on it. That Drew fellow continues to play well, incidentally.

And hey -- Mothra's back!

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GHABB,Y~! said...

You forgot Manny Lee