Friday, June 27, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Your trusty football editor returns to his post today and wants to clear the air on his disappearance. I was not in rehab, or recovering from a sex change operation, or anything to do with transvestite prostitutes. Work has just kicked my ass lately, and yes my job does involve macaroni art and four square. So prepare for more shoddy grammar, obscure references that only I will get, and two scoops of daily fiber with your morning breakfast

Hop aboard for herpes!

* The NBA draft happened last night, and well no one seemed content with their picks. OJ Mayo was traded along with the Manatee that was Antoine Walker for the great white dope Kevin Love. Richard Jefferson was traded for YI Jianwhatever. Derrick Rose went #1 and will return to the mean streets of Chicago, while Michael Beasley will be in M-I-A. The HAHAHAHAHA New York HAHAHAHAHA Knicks drafted Danillo Gallinari.

* The Celtics selected a great character player in JR Gidden, who was thrown off of Bill Self's Kansas team after repeated violation of team rules. Hey he could be Len Bias, or he could be a stronger James Posey... after we won the title can't we give Ainge a little bit of slack? In the second round the Celtics traded a bag of money for the rights to Bill Walker and his shoddy ACL's and some large guy from Turkey who won't be around for a few years.

* My boy Brian Runge was suspended by MLB for bumping Mets manager Jerry Manuel. What kind of backward ass world is this where umps bump managers? I can't wait for the day when CB Bucknor choke slams Ozzie Guillen.

* Shawn Chacon was released by the Houston Astros after beating the crap out of General Manager Ed Wade. So let me get this straight: if I pummel my boss I could lose my job?

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GHABB,Y~! said...

And remember kids - if you're going to fingerbang, make sure to do it in the boathouse where they won't catch you.