Monday, June 16, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

* Oh woop dee doo. As this writer slept through the fourth quarter again (thanks again NBA) the Celtics dropped Game 5 to the LA Lakers or as Mike Tirico referred to them "THE LAZY LAKERS". Does anyone really think LA has what it takes to win two games in the Garden they way they played last night? Kobe isn't impossible to defend and at times during the game I forget that he is actually on the court (well I would forget if Van Gundy wasn't blowing his load all over him on TV). The Celtics got beat last night, they played flat basketball and couldn't put it away when they had an opportunity but this game was nothing like the blowouts on the road against the Cavs and Hawks. Paul Pierce played like a man possessed and Radmonic or whatever the fuck his name is had no chance when he was him. I will call it now, Celtics are going to blow the Lakers out in Game 6. Write it down.

* Sox put a serious whooping on Homer Bailey and the Reds and 2007 Josh Beckett took care of the Reds hitters. The Sox pounded out four home runs in a ball park that I think I could hit a home run in (well not really), seriously though that home run by JD Drew wouldnt have made it to the warning track at Fenway. Also the bleachers are so close to the field that the home run Coco hit looked like a moon shot kind of makes me wish I could see a few more Adam Dunn swings. By the way anyone else see JD Drew in the dugout after he hit his homer? I have never seen him show any sort of emotion, in fact I was pretty sure he was automaton being with no human emotion but he was making goofy faces at the camera and dancing with Alex Cora in the dugout. Weird.

* Rumor mill is spinning that Griffey Jr would accept a trade to the Devil Rays in order to be closer to home. Please take him and while your at it give up a few good prospects while your at.

* Yankees spanked the Astros but hurt their Wang.

* Tiger Woods is the most dominant professional athlete of our time. The shots that man hit over the weekend were insane.

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