Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Mass Hysteria goes global.

* I don't get easily excited when the Sox pick a player off the scrap heap as Theo has had mixed results in the past (see Wade Miller). But my lord did he get a steal in Bartolo Colon. At the beginning of the season, we all heard he was over weight (he still is), and that his fast ball is gone (its not), but no one told us that this guy still had as much in the tank as he did the year he won the Cy Young. Colon's fastball is still popping 96, ducks and weaves throughout the strikezone and was dominant last night as the Sox won 6-3.

*Jason Varitek is still letting his on field actions write his next contract. The Captain hit a three home run in the Sox victory and drove in three. Everything this guy does at the plate is pure gravy as far as I'm concerned, because he manages a staff better than anyone in baseball (Bill James head just ass-ploded).I am still going to sit on the fence on giving Tek a new contract, Posada recently got a huge contract from the Yankees but his offense is far superior to Tek's and he has already been out of the lineup this year with a limp arm. But seeing our captain anywhere but in Boston would make me physically ill.

* RELEASE MIKE TIMLIN AND DO IT NOW. This bullpen is scaring me, Oki and Hansen are very inconsistent, Mike Timlin blows and Papelbon has had a few blips this year (he is human after all, or is he?). Timlin had a few good outings in May, but sandwich that around two months were he absolutely blew and you have one washed up reliever. To be fair I have been calling for Timlin's head for the past three years and for the most part he has proven me wrong, but he has gotten uglier this year. Maybe when the loud mouthed blowhard comes back from the DL, the Sox can put Masterson in the pen, or Schill in the pen, or I don't even know any more. Timlin gives up way too many hits, gives up leads, ahhhhh I am done with him. Go away Mike Timlin, I don't ever want to speak to you again.

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GHABB,Y~! said...

Timlin can and will shoot you for saying that.