Friday, June 6, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Sweet sassy molassey

Lots of sports to cover today:

* James Shields is not a fan of Coco's sliding. First pitch to Coco drills him in the calf, he fakes like he is going to first and goes after Shields. Shields swings and misses at Coco after a Matrix-esque dodge of the punch. After Coco grazed Shields, the onslaught began with Johnny Gomes pounding the crap out of Coco and Carl Crawford pulling Coco's hair and scratching him. Crawford is soooooo hood.

* Oh but the fights did not end there. According to D&C this morning, there was a fight in the dugout during the 6th inning of last nights game between Manny and Youk. I have never seen Manny this pissed off about anything (well with the exception of that pitch by the Rocket). No one is sure what the hell happened in there, and what caused it (Youk looked as confused about the whole thing as we felt). Rumors are flying that the fight was caused because Manny refused to leave the bench during the Coco fight, and Youk took exception to it.

* The Red Sox won that game 7-1. Great pitching by Jon Lester, who also had a few balls "slip" out of his hand and end up behind hitters as well. Finally

* Much later in the night the Celtics played a basketball game. I hear it was important, and better yet a great game. I wouldn't know that though because I fell asleep during halftime. Thank you ABC for starting the game at 9!

* Paul Pierce did his best Curt Schilling/Willis Reed impression after being stomped by Kendrick Perkins. Brian Scalabrine (see he still has a role on this team), Tony Allen and someone else carried Pierce to a wheelchair, and things looked grim for the Celtics. Like a pro wrestling match, the Rocky music hit and miraciously returned, and hit two straight awkward looking 3's. Celtics take Game One in a classic.

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