Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Red Sox vs. Diamondbacks -- Already In Progress The abomination that is interleague play comes to an end tonight -- at least as far as Fenway goes. It's a battle of age vs. even more age as Tim "I'm the Timmy who doesn't suck right now" Wakefield takes on professional Big Bird imitator RanDeE Johnson.

College World Series Game 3 -- Fresno St. vs. Georgia (Already In Progress)
PING PING FUCKING PING!!!! You mean that instead of watching the Sox/Diamondbacks game, I could be watching inferior players playing the same game at a lower level, except it sounds like a retarded 4-year-old playing with a tuning fork? And it's all set among the glorious meat-based ambiance of Omaha??????? WHERE DO I FUCKING SIGN UP???!?!?!?!?111!?

Discussing Tomorrow's NBA Draft -- your home or local watering hole
I mean.... when your team has the chance to draft #30 in a what is generally regarded to be a weak and shallow draft..... that's going to just DOMINATE sports talk!

Frivolous Prop Bet of the Night
Randy Johnson kills a pigeon with a fastball; is immediately traded to Wimbledon for Rafael Nadal and a racquet-stringer.

Serious Bet of the Night
Youkilis is lifted from the game before it ends. Gawd, that's a WIKID shinah youse got theah, pally!

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