Monday, June 9, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

There are none!

And a good thing, too, because I still haven't fully recovered from the heart attack I had in the final minutes of the Celtics game last night. If you for one minute actually feel comfortable with this 2-0 series lead, you are an idiot and probably voted for Ron Paul or some dumb shit like that. Or maybe you're the kind of person who sends in pictures of their baby dressed as Rajon Rondo to the Globe. Either way, a 2-0 lead against a team like the Lakers means nothing and I'm glad I have a night to relax before we take the floor at the Staples Center. The Sox are off for the night as well... the Orioles will be flying in (get it?! BECAUSE THEY ARE BIRDS) for a series beginning tomorrow. You know what that means, ladies: grab your whoring duds and head over to Daisy Buch's, 'cause the boys'll be out on the town tonight!

If you're bored tonight, I recommend taking a stab at the 90s Lyrics Quiz. We can compare scores tomorrow!


Pepster said...

Good luck on the lyrics quiz - I think I might be able to take you!

smurphette said...

This is lame, and completely indicative of how sleepy I am, but I totally laughed out loud at the oriole/flying in joke. Well played, sis.

Pepster said...

88.5 on the lyrics. I will admit that I took several hours to complete it at the bar last night, while playing bar trivia, and 2 friends help.

ALthough they did help some, what was I going to tell them, not to give me the answers?

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I did EMBARRASSINGLY terribly on the quiz. I blame it on having parents who raised me without a television -- I was thus deprived of MTV until college. Curse you, Mom and Dad