Saturday, May 3, 2008

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Sitting at the bar watching the games last year one question popped into my head that was overlooked; Where the hell was Troy Brown? With Welker and Moss having monster seasons, he wasn't really needed, but Troy Brown isthe Patriots. Instead of playing last year, Troy sat on the Physically Unable to Play List for most of the season. Brown was 36 years during the 2007-08 season, and it might be safe to say that the "foot" injury might have just been a nice way for Belichick to say that Brown was just too damn old to be an effective WR. Still there was a part of me that was hoping he would get a chance to be part of the magic of our 19-0 18-1 season. Pats fans envisioned Brown getting some time later in the season after Brady had finished smacking around the opposition. But it never happened. Brown played one game, and a muffed punt return was the last impression he left for Pats fans. A kind of depressing way to remember a legend.

Brown has played for us since 1993, when he was drafted in the 8th round after coming out of Marshall(back when the draft was much longer, jesus that must have been torture to sit through). He has done everything for the Patriots, the clubs all time leader in practically all receiving categories. Brown was our best kick returner, and was a dangerous punt returner for years. Those accomplishments aside, the 2004 season was what cemented his spot as a Patriots Legend and inspired me to write this fluff piece. After injuries had decimated our secondary, Brown stepped in and not only filled in but was kicked ass. The highlight being an interception against Drew Bledsoe and the Bills, nothing beat watching watching our WR/CB hybrid put the dagger in Bledsoe. There was no way the Patriots win that Super Bowl without him. His versatility was mind blowing, in 2006 Brown was listed as the Pats 4th string QB, Brown knew football and could do EVERYTHING.

But now his career with the Patriots is over. Belichick announced after the Super Bowl that the Pats would not be offering Brown a contract for the upcoming season. It's hard to blame the Patriots for making this decision, there is plenty of depth at WR, and Brown's age and health have to be a concern. Can't we find a spot on the roster for him though? He's gotta still have juice left in the tank, he's going to be the Julio Franco of the NFL. Injuries won't keep him keep him down, Brown is genetically superior to all of us, he heals from wounds like Wolverine, foot injury? Brown will have to lose an arm or leg before he gives up, yet the Pats still don't want him. Some other team will though and if Troy Brown lines up for the Jets next year for that piece of shit Eric Mangini (hate/venom article to follow) it will be a pill that will be hard to swallow for Patriots fans, especially this one. Ok, maybe I need to just let him go, I guess it's time to move on.

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