Thursday, May 8, 2008

Placido! Polanco!


You know what that ninth inning was? A late night cockblock, plain and simple. The Sox mount another comeback, this time from four down, and head to the bottom of the ninth up a run. And what happens? Due to some sort of cosmic shift, everything starts bouncing the other way. How else do you explain...

A Matt Joyce check swing infield hit? He's the fucking DH! Infield hit?!?!

Julio Lugo botching a possible double play, but DEFINITE out at first on a dribbler to short?

And Placido Polanco hitting a weak Texas Leaguer that juuuuuuust gets over Julio Lugo's head to drive in the winning run?

What. The. FUCK?

"The whole fuckin' world's against us dude, I swear to God."

Whatever. The Sox still lead the series, on the road, going into the final game. Beckett's on the hill. It'll work out. And though it sucks to deal with shit losses like this every once in a while, it is nice to see the Sox A) hitting again, and B) never out of a game, even after going down big.

Stream of consciousness thoughts on man I need a water I hope my boss doesn't come in is it raining again?

They're not saying "BOOOOO!" They're saying, "BOOOO LUUUUUUUGOOOOOO!" Query for Mr. Lugo! Julio, ole buddy, ole pal, ole buddy, ole pal... Do you no longer desire to participate? Is that it? Cause it's not like that can't be arranged. I'm sure the Sox could find somebody to fill your position. There are rules here, dude. And one of them is don't make a stupid Little League error on a ground ball in the FUCKING NINTH INNING!!

Did I hear Remy correctly? Pedroia is 5 for 7 in pinch hitting situations? Can I start calling him Midre for old time's sake?

ClayBalls. Yikes. That third inning was... Just don't do it again.

I love Kevin Youkilis. He was brought up in the system. He plays hard. He plays hurt. He takes pitches, hits for average, and will foul off borderline stuff until the pitcher makes a mistake. However, he is making me the most hypocritical baseball fan ever. Because, as it much as it pains me, it seems there is a shitload of Paul O'Neil in him, and I wished that man a wide variety of afflictions (ranging from polio to the AIDS) over the course of my more intense fan days. Kev, stop arguing every call with the umpires. Yeah, they are wrong sometimes. But if your ass can't stay in games because you can't get over a borderline strike call, you are gonna hurt us down the road.

Ending with a quick personal note: I gave my two... days... notice yesterday at a job I've been working at for almost five years. I recommend all of you go through that emotional roller coaster. My boss threatened to call my future employer and say I was unprofessional, begged me to stay, offered me a raise, said I was useless, and bummed a smoke off me within two hours. Now, off to my new profession: Online Gambling! It's A SURE THING!!


futuremrsrickankiel said...

I wish Julio Lugo would quit his job.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

You had to be amused by Papelboner's half-assed tantrum after the game, though, because:

(1) NOTHING was really his fault (he got, what, like six outs in that inning, only two of which the team actually completed for him?), and

(2) it had all the gusto of a five-year-old complaining about his bedtime (awwww... so cute!)

futuremrsrickankiel said...

batebaw gam

A Pimp Named DaveR said...