Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i am ur Deetroit KITTEH!!! i play th Red Sox las nite!

peepul sayz in April, "Kitteh, u tha catz! u gonna winz 1337 m4dd wurld seeriez gamez! u roxxorz my soxxorz!!!" but kitteh wanna pla hiz own gam, not wut peepulz wan him 2 do. Peepul wan get up in Kittehs face cuz Kitteh not leedin tha AL Centrul. Kitteh sez -- lol itz mai!

las nite, Kitteh wuz at hom. byootiful nite! park full wit little kittehz! tha houz wuz rokin wit J3r3my 80nd3rm4n! o sure, M16e1 C4br3ra maybe duz 2 much catnipz, an maybee kitteh panix a little when he send J4qu35 J0n35 to tha litterbox b4 da gamez, but itz on!

HA HA HA ur pitchin m0thr4! n00b! heerz what i gonna do to m0thr4:

o hai, M1k3 L0w3ll! i no u, but u don smel liek marlin nemor! B0nd0kitteh give you a big MEOWMEO...

o crap. u hitz h0m3run.

o hai, K3v1n Y0uk1l15! u not meen like m1k3 l0w3ll, iz u? B0nd0kitteh give you a bi...

o crap. u hitz hom3run 2.

wate -- lol lol lol i iz in ur bullpenz, messin up ur hansenz! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! mmbop! how u like ur hansenz now, b1g p4p1???


uh oh. i can haz 4 strate losses???


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Two of the last three posts involve LOLcats, I think this is setting a precedent for the maturity/level of discourse in this blog.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

When did this become a goddamn cats blog? Should I start posting my recipes for Triple Chocolate Almond Chunk brownies and moaning about how hard it is to find stretch pants on sale?



A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Is there a better way to discuss the Tigers than through funny cat pictures? I THINK NOT!!!!