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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times??! The 1993 New England Patriots Season

It was a cold summer in Boston prior to the 1993 Season. The Pats had just finished another terrible season under Coach Dick MacPherson (now fired), and they had an owner who had no intentions of actually running the team. Morale in the locker room and the fan base was at an all-time low. Would Boston still have a football team? What the hell was going on in Foxborough? There were big changes brewing for this young team, a new string of talent was brought into Foxborough, brought in by the keen eye of the Big Tuna, Bill Parcells. The organization itself also had a big change. Gone was Pat Patriot the famous old school logo of the Pats, replaced by what seemingly looked like the Old Man on the Mountain.

The Good-

With the first pick in the first round, the Pats made the first move that would impact the future of this organization, they drafted Drew McQueen Bledsoe. There was debate over who the Pats should take with this pick, Bledsoe or the equally talented Rick Mirer. Luckily the Pats took Bledsoe with the pick, who struggled in his first season as a starter but helped the Pats increase their win total from 2 to 5. Arguably the best game of the season for Bledsoe was against the Colts, where he threw for 400 yards in a 38-0 ass whooping. Bledsoe was a "gunslinger" -- a guy who could launch the ball down the field and win games on just his arm alone (at this point we had no idea how immobile he was). Finally the Pats could stop playing musical chairs behind the ass of the center. They had a stable QB who gave them a chance to win.

Not only was Bledsoe good, but his presence was making an impact on the team as well. The team started off slow again, going 1-11 through the first 13 weeks, but with some comfort in learning Parcells' system came some success for Bledsoe, as he won the last four games in a row. Another rookie, Vincent Brisby, and up-and-coming TE Ben Coates became the favorite targets of young Bledsoe. Leonard Russell also shook off the injury bug and went on to have a terrific season, with over 1,000 yards rushing. And on the defensive side of the ball, another rookie, Chris Slade, opened eyes with his 9 sacks. Even with a final record of 5-12, the season was a marked improvement over the shitshow the previous year.

The Bad and the Ugly

Looking at the 1992 season breakdown, I realized someone was left off who needed to be addressed: Eugene Chung. The Pats needed a lineman to match up with Bruce Armstrong in '92, there were a bevy of potential linemen on the board when their slot came up. The Pats had traded down earlier in the day, but saw a need, and traded back up as Chung was still on the board. He was fat, overweight, slow, and wasn't very good in college. Many analysts saw him dropping into later rounds. But the Pats wanted him -- they saw him as a project that could translate into the pros and traded up to get him, losing most of their other picks. Well, he didn't. He played two seasons with the Pats before they decided the project needed to be aborted. Chung sucked his way around 7 other teams before hanging it up for good. To be fair, though, that first round was terrible : Steve Emtmann went 1, Quentin Coryatt 2, and David Klinger 6. Jesus that draft was terrible

Song of the Year I Will Always Love You - by Whitney Houston.

Fuck this song, fuck the movie it was in. This song was all over the radio in 1993, as our favorite coke fiend belted herself to all sorts of awards. The song has the tone of something that prison guards at Gitmo would play to torture their inmates. It's loud, annoying and stupid. This was one of the first songs as a youngster that made me lunge towards the front of the car when it came on. It would have been nice if Bobby Brown had introduced her to his lifestyle earlier then he did, just to spare us all this shit.

Movie of the Year Jurassic Park.

I loved this movie. It was a friggin kick-ass special effects blockbuster with dinosaurs that scared the ever-loving shit out of you. Looking at it now, those effects are still pretty cutting edge. The dinosaurs looked real, like something you could find in your back yard. I must have seen this movie three or four times in the theater, and those raptors scared the crap out of me every time. Best scene in JP: when the T. Rex breaks out of the pen and starts ripping crap up, knocking over the car, beating the shit out of Jeff Goldblum and eating the lawyer who was sitting on the crapper. Getting eaten by a dinosaur while taking a shit has become my #1 phobia.

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I admit -- I thought they should have taken Mirer. And I still think Mirer could have been a decent NFL quarterback with a different team.