Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Goodell, You Get Nothing! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! STUPID

Hey Patriots Haters:

You got your moment to air out all of Belichick's dirty laundry, a chance to put a huge asterisk next to our Super Bowl wins. Today was the big day that you were waiting for. You were waiting to hear that the Pats were cheating, that there was no way the defense was that good. You wanted to believe that Belichick is a fraud, that what you saw in Cleveland was the caliber of coach he really was. There was no way he was a hall of fame coach, on the level of Tom Landry and Don Shula, he should have been stacking up losing seasons that drove New England fans away. You were PRAYING for this day, a day when the NFL would put the Pats in the same ball park as other cheaters, a huge shadow over a once proud franchise. But what did you get? Shit. You get nothing, take it and shove it up your ass.

The NFL Nazi Roger Goodell armed with his chubby for punishing the Pats met with that fucking slimeball Matt Walsh today to talk about alleged cheating within New England. Yes I am pissed, everywhere I go today the only football news I can find is the results of this meeting. Everywhere the yapping talking heads were praying for Walsh to deliver the holy grail of this case, a tape of St. Louis walk through before the Super Bowl. Call me smug, but I find great pleasure in knowing that Matt Walsh, the smoking gun of this whole case, denied the Pats ever taped at the Super Bowl. Awwww, feel a little let down? Good!

Here is some tough news for you, this team isn't done yet, we will rise from the ashes like a fucking phoenix. Yeah we lost to the Giants, yeah we lost a draft pick because of Bill Belicheat but I will tell you this. This team is going to continue to contend for years to come, we are too talented, too well coached, and we are too deep. Belichick is too good of a coach to let petty shit like this phase him or his team. He will continue to build a dynasty here in New England, a team that will continue to torture Peyton Manning and LT. I'll give the Giants there Super Bowl win last year, they were the better team in that game, and again call me a homer but I like the Pats chances of getting back to the Super Bowl this year.

I realize I vowed never to speak of SpyGate, but whether you like this team or hate it you have to admit, this story is getting old and it is time to move. Sorry for this rant, but I had to give this my two cents before this fucking waste of time finally goes away.


futuremrsrickankiel said...

Ok, ok... who didn't give Haze his juice yesterday?

Sean said...

Actually, I think "the day Patriots haters were praying for" came on February 3rd. And rise from the ashes like a phoenix?! Seriously?