Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

No games tonight! The Sox are dragging their asses back from a demoralizing 1-5 trip to the West Coast while the Celtics are HOPEFULLY huddled in a bunker somewhere performing the intricate series of calculations required to demonstrate to them that IF WE WIN THE NEXT GAME WE GET TO GO TO THE FINALS. A night of rest is due us all.

“But FutureMrs, without your nightly recommendations and predictions I am but a lost fragment of humanity, drifting endlessly and aimlessly through the vast and lonely wasteland of a Thursday night!”

Fear not, beloveds. Plenty of watchin’ tonight. NESN will be re-running the Buchholz and Lester no-hitters back-to-back starting at 6:00 pm. I’ve seen the Lester game re-aired twice already and still had tears in my eyes in the 9th both times. Afterwards, I recommend catching the new Reno 911! at 10:30. Reno 911! is pretty much the only non-animated TV show I watch on a regular basis. Does that mean I have approximately the attention span and maturity level of a 7-year-old on a sugar bender? Perhaps, but you should tune in tonight nonetheless.

Oh also there is some damn basketball game or other playing but I hate both of the teams involved with the scorching heat of a thousand alien suns so you won’t hear a word on that garbage from me.

Frivolous prop bet of the night: Adam Hall finally realizes his dream of becoming a Conservatory-trained dancer when Mario Lemieux discovers him dancing at Mawby’s and takes him under his wing.

Serious prediction of the night: This man’s wife will divorce him.

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