Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Celtics v. Pistons, 8:30 pm. Megasigh. I'll say this: the Celtics have certainly looked much more like a team that belongs in the playoffs during this series with Detroit. Problem is, we look like a team that deserves to be eliminated this far in. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what the most frustrating aspect of Monday night's game was -- the 32% shooting on the night? The utter lack of flow in play due to the massive numbers of fouls being committed? -- but I think I've put my finger on it: it's this team's utter lack of urgency. Doc Rivers can slam his team's supposed lack of aggression all he wants, but the fact is he's not coaching them to play like winners, and they're not goddamn playing like winners. A team should not pull its starters in the final minutes of a fucking Conference Finals game EVEN IF THEY'RE LOSING any more than a team should continue to drive to the basket when an opposing team's' defense is clearly enforcing a no-layups rule EVEN IF THEY MAKE THE FREETHROWS. Accepting the inevitable -- benching your starters, drawing the fouls you know are coming -- is exactly the opposite of what a winning team does. DON'T PLAY THEIR FUCKING GAME.

/punches crap

Anyhoodle, the Celts are back in town with the series tied at 2 looking to parlay some of that home cooking into a win tonight. Here's hoping James Posey can light a fire under his teammates' asses tonight. You be that flame, James Posey. BE THE FLAME.

Red Sox v. Mariners, 10:10 pm. Still futzing around in second place behind the (goddamn) Tampa Bay Rays, the Sox return to dingy Safeco Field to try and eke out a series win against the (goddamn) Mariners. MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST DEPRESSING NIGHTLY PREVIEW EVER. Tim Wakefield (3-3, 5.19), who was simply awful in his last outing against the A's, will attempt to redeem himself against Canadian Erik Bedard (3-3, 4.70), who is really quite good but has the same record as Wakefield so far this year. Oh, right... because he plays for a ridiculously shitty team! Bahahaha. Heh. I feel better now. These late-night West Coast games are killing me, incidentally. I feel like I'm OWED a Sox win for staying up to watch them. Come on, guys!

Frivolous prop bet of the night: Erik Bedard is caught by security at Sea-Tac Airport for trying to sneak back with the Red Sox rolled up in Manny Ramirez' Transformers sleeping bag in a desperate bid to spend the last few good years he has left playing for a contender.

Serious prediction of the night: Really, all my bitching and moaning aside, I think the Celtics are going to return to the Garden with their eyes on the prize and fire in their bellies. (I think you can take, like, Pepto-Bismol for that, dudes.) I'm predicting another high-scoring game with the Celts ultimately winning by 12. Let's say 110-98 just to be sexy.

Huge ups to longtime Mass Hysteria friend Grimey at LOL Jocks for the Posey picture and caption.

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A Pimp Named DaveR said...

You know, if you listen very closely to the first few seconds of "The Flame", you can actually hear Cheap Trick's balls being chopped off....