Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Celtics v. Cavaliers, 8:00 pm. With the Sox game out of the way as of this afternoon, we’re all free to focus on the Celtics and the corner they’ve once again painted themselves into this evening. GUHHHH. Anyone know of a support group meeting or personal finance class I can go to tonight instead? I can’t think of the last time I looked forward to a game less than I’m looking forward to tonight. I’m watching, of course, out of some stupidly misguided sense of duty, but I’m really, really dreading it. Even a whopping defeat tonight will only serve to solidify the baffling, excruciating gap between our home and away play this series. I’m frustrated and emotionally exhausted from these playoffs already, and it’s not even the conference finals yet. FUCK.

/slaps self in face

OK. The Celtics can win this game. They can and they SHOULD. I’ve got my Celtics belly button ring in and I’m raring to go. BRING IT ON BABY WOOOOO

/collapses in tears

Sigh. No one’s having an easy time of this. Such is the essence of being a Boston fan during any playoffs, I suppose. Incidentally, if you’ve not yet checked out Bill Simmons’ magnificent column from today, I highly, highly recommend it. Simmons kind of drives me nuts when he’s playing the part of the smug, sanctimonious, “don’t hate us because we win” Boston fan, but I’d forgotten how powerfully and effectively he can channel the voice of the frustrated Boston fan. Basketball is really his sport, and his column today is both piercingly insightful and breathlessly cathartic. Thanks, Bill ol’ buddy. I owe you a Sam Summah next time I see you.

Between the floundering Sox and struggling Celts, by the way, there has been one very positive moment in the Boston sports world over the last couple of days, as Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced yesterday that the B’s have signed forward Chuck Kobasew to a multi-year contract extension. Woohoo! Kobasew scored a career-high 22 goals last season (second only to Marco Sturm); he was out for the playoffs following a March 27 injury but is a powerful offensive force that the Bruins are fortunate to be able to hold onto. Since it’s rare that the Bruins front office makes a positive move for the team without immediately countering it with something boneheaded, I can only assume that this move means we’ll hear within the next week that the Jacobs family has traded all of the Bruins’ ice skates for Lebron James sneakers or something (“We hear they have great traction!”). Still, the Kobasew extension is great news for the Bruins. I miss my boys dammit! I bet they miss me too.


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I love it when Danny makes the "I'm having problems making the poops" face.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

OH MY GOD I finally figured out what Phil Kessel looks like. He looks like what would happen if Chris Farley and Sigourney Weaver (somehow, god forbid) had a child.

Go play around on Google Image. You'll see it. You'll agree.