Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Celtics v. Cavaliers, 7:00 pm. Hopefully at some point in this game one of the 10 people on the court will remember how to score baskets. YOU PUT THE BIG ORANGE BALL THROUGH THE NET SUSPENDED FROM A RIM ABOVE THE COURT YOU DUMMIES. The Celts have yet to win a road game in the post-season, so here's hoping we get the win tonight and head to Cleveland with a 2-0 lead on the series. Cavaliers 6th man Anderson Varejao is very attractive umm good at basketball and definitely relevant to this discussion of sports, so here is a picture of him. The game's on ESPN, which is cool because I like Mike Breen. Incidentally, in Cleveland they have Anderson Varejao Wig Night, which I think is awesome. Can we have Manny Ramirez Wig Night? Please oh please?

Red Sox v. Tigers, 7:05 pm.
The Sox look to win the 4-game series after dropping an ugly last-minute loss to Detroit last night. PUT IN JED LOWRIE. The Sox are sending Beckett to the mound... Beckett's still struggling a bit to find his groove for the season, but here's hoping he'll toss some fire tonight. Squaring off against Beckett is Justin Verlander, who might very well be the most consistently disappointing fantasy league player ever. Every year I think "oh hey, a number 1 starter on a team that's always a division contender... how can I go wrong?" It's bizarre the way Verlander can win 17 and 18 games in a season and still somehow be dead weight in a fantasy lineup. Anyway, he's 1-5 with a 6.28 ERA on the season. I like the Tigers, but they are lame this year and I hope we beat them.

Frivolous Prop Bet of the Night:
Having exceeded their offensive quota for the week in last night's game, the Tigers will actually manage to score negative runs in this game and Jim Leyland will stamp his tiny little feet in rage as he injects nicotine directly into his veins.

Serious Prediction of the Night:
Rondo's been playing mightily in this post-season. I'm calling a huge double-double on assists and points from him. Yay!

Enjoy the games, everyone. Leave some love in the comments if you're feeling inspired.


Sh!tShow said...

I love me some Hysteria!

futuremrsrickankiel said...

ACK. ESPN's commentators are enjoyable, but Charles Barkley >>>>>> Steven A. Smith. I DON'T LIKE BEING SHOUTED AT.

Ginobili gets the start for the Spurs tonight! Yay Argentines!

Sh!tShow said...

Manu? He sucks.



What? Foul!? I'm half the country away!?!?

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Your face sucks.