Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Well, you had a pretty good week, huh?"

Man, do I love it when I get that phone call. After running into the betting brick wall that was the weekend before last, including a debacle that left me $150 down before I left work Friday at 3 (thanks Gonzaga), I found myself on the hook for about $125 the day before my planned Texas trip. Not exactly what you want to hear when you're expected to partake in a 72 hour tequila bender. Thankfully, since my contact is eagerly anticipating me dumping boatloads of cash this summer (and with good reason, I'm not very good at this), I was able to push the debt off a week until I got back. I can only assume he figured I'd be so boozed up I wouldn't even think of calling in a play. But there I was, nursing a drink as I packed on Thursday, nailing my "last pre-trip" bets on Xavier and UNC(50 on each), and falling asleep down a little more than I'd end up spending on drinks at the airport before my 8 AM flight.

Now, even I thought I'd be done with bets at that point. Those two plays were gifts from the Gambling Gods, a little luck to start off a long weekend away. And yet, when I woke up Saturday morning on the floor of my friend's apartment in Dallas, I remembered only three things vividly: tequila shots with a Boston chick named Zuzana, throwing up out the sliding door of a cab on the side of the highway, and Texas covering for yet another 50. Of course now I was cocky (and quite honestly still drunk), so on the way to Fort Worth 50 was laid on both Xavier and UNC, along with another hundred on a Golden State game JUUUUST to prove I could. Xavier broke up my no hitter almost immediately after I checked in with my fellow Mass Hysterics, who had decided to get together and get drunk WITHOUT ME on Saturday, but UNC followed up with a huge win and Golden State covered in the final seconds, giving me all I needed for the weekend.

Of course, no weekend of mine will ever end on a good note. I ended up so hungover on Sunday I couldn't join my buddies for a steak dinner, and my Monday flight was delayed 18 hours to 5:45 Tuesday morning, costing me a vacation day and a night's stay in a hotel. But just chalk that up as collateral damage. I started this week with a phone call from my friend because he owes me money, something I promise won't happen often.

Oh, and the Celtics covered the seven points they were laying last night. Things are coming up Sh!tShow.

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futuremrsrickankiel said...

My god you have no soul.