Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to New England, ROOKIES!!!!!

Ok, I refuse to grade the Patriots draft picks as I mentioned before. I have no idea how these guys are going to end up, I trust Bill Belichick but I won't get excited about a player until I see them play a game at NFL speed. The Patriots did what people expected them to, which was filling needs in their linebacking core and cornerback crew, while improving a pick for next year (Yes I get excited when the Pats pick up a 2nd round pick, my life is pathetic).Unlike last year there were no huge trade that brought a marquise player in, Jason Taylor and Chad Johnson won't be in Foxborough next year (well as of now). Of course there are question marks about some of these players, and drafting a QB instead of a TE makes me scratch my head. But overall, unlikes GHABBY!(who is befuddled by the Patriots draft class) I am pretty happy with this draft class.

Finally, we have some youth to slide into our linebacking corp. After last years Super Blow, it was painfully obvious that the defense needed an injection of young blood. As a collective unit, they looked like they were sucking wind the entire game. I am a big Tedy Bruschi supporter, but he disappeared in the Super Bowl and during the past few years he has gone the Ray Lewis route in my mind (never makes the big play but jumps on the pile at the end). Junior Seau may or may not come back (I read today he will be, he just needs a physical and work out a contract), and Vrabel is getting old too. Eric Alexander is nothing more than a special teamer, and I cringe every time I see him on the field. At least the veterans can mentor fo the two rookies, and show them how to not get their ass handed to them by Belichick. (Hint: He HATES it when rookies talk to the media). Jerod Mayo and Shawn Crable are both versatile players that could start immediately, but knowing Belichick's style one or both probably will be start off on special teams or be slowly incorporated into the defense.

The Pats also used a 2nd and 4th round pick to fill needs in the secondary. Samuel, Gay and Eugene Wilson are all gone, leaving ummm...Brendan Meriweather, Rodney HGHarrison and James Sanders as the only returners. Ouch, that is scary. How did Belichick fix this? He grabbed a bunch of scrubs as free agents, but I can't imagine any of them will be a factor. He grabbed a guy who has alot of talent but a wrist that has had 3 surgeries was fused together and still has limited mobility. Jesus. Another corner struggles to get his hands on the ball and gets hurt alot. Awesome. Bill, I know this will never happen but please, please, please I am begging you, figure out a way to trade and sign Lito Sheppard. He wants out of Philly, its a win win situation! Give them a 2nd round pick next year, come on we have two! I know you wouldn't give Asante Samuel the money he demanded, but there is no fucking way we can go into next season with the secondary in the shape its in. Somewhere in Manningville Peyton is licking his chops.

The Pats also picked up a QB to fill in for Cassel after he becomes a free agent, and another Wide Receiver (why the hell not?). We still have some depth issues at TE, Ben Watson is made of glass, David Thomas is white, and Marcus Pollard is Marcus Pollard. The off season starts to heat up now, as mini camps and preseason workouts begin, aren't you excited to see non contact drills and running plays without pads? Woooo!

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A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I agree with you on Mayo, but I'm not sure Crable could jump in and start. He's coming from a 4-3, and the 3-4 is a totally different experience for a LB. Which means he's got to make a lot of adaptations from the college game that Mayo (who played both ILB and OLB in a 3-4 at Tennessee) doesn't have to make.

GHABB,Y~! said...

An LB they could've had at 20, a 5-8 DB with a fused wrist, and a fucking quarterback? I'm nonplussed, but I hope I'm wrong.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Finally, we have some youth to slide into our hockey editor.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Also, I wholeheartedly approve of trading for Lito Sheppard, as well as Guss Scott, Fred Weary, and Reggie F'n Nelson. In fact, we should give Lawrence Wright a tryout as well, that dude made my childhood awesome.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Also, now that I've ensured that our sexual innuendo quota is filled, I agree that our secondary TERRIFIES me. It was a complete mess the entire second half of the season.