Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Paid For With Bleeding Nipples

So a friend of mine is a design student around here and she received an assignment to "design a coin with a Boston/New England theme." Seriously. Off the top of my head, these were my top ten ideas:

1. A coin made up entirely of obscure racial slurs that double as people's nicknames.
2. A coin portraying the Gloucester heroin trade.
3. A coin that's black in the smaller middle and surrounded by large white suburbs.
4. Brian Scalabrine: the coin.
5. Maybe you could get Brad Delp, singer of Boston to design a coin. Oh, wait, nevermind.
6. Actual parts of Ted Williams' frozen head inside the coins.
7. Have the coin written by Tom Menino "In gohfhfwetrsstffssfdhh."
8. The frightening wrinkled weather-beaten visage of whoever won Miss Maine 2008.
9. A coin commemorating the Marathon portraying a runner with bleeding nipples.
10. Jimmy Fallon on one side, Drew Barrymore on the other.

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