Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not So Mini Broom!

It took both the Celtics and Bruins respective playoff resurgences, but for the first time in years baseball in Boston took the proverbial backseat this weekend. And well... it sure as hell seems the Red Sox like shotgun. In a series against the perennially hapless Rangers, the Red Sox played the cat to Texas's mouse for four straight games. It was the Choose Your Own Adventure of winning baseball.

Do you:

Lay a beat down on your opponent while your superstar slugger gets his bat back on track? Turn to Friday nights game!


Allow your opponent to jump to a five run lead, then score six runs in the final two innings, the last one coming on a walk? Skip ahead to Sunday!

I don't care if it was against the Rangers. Good teams have to take care of business when they play at home. Laying a beating on teams that are struggling is not an option, its a requirement. And the Red Sox got the job done this weekend.

Notes, thoughts, blah blah:

Current record of the Red Sox when three or more Mass Hysterics watch a game together: 1 - 0. Not sayin.... just sayin.

Due to a Saturday that started at noon (paying my bookie) and ended at 5:30 AM Sunday (busting out of a poker game), I was hungover as hell Sunday and didn't turn on the game until we were already down 5 - 0. I assumed that the game was over, and we'd end up taking three outta four. I had absolutely no problem with this. Obviously, I should probably start paying juuuuust a little bit more attention.

One of my favorite moments from the series: 8th Inning, Sunday. Ellsbury singles. Jed Lowrie gets up and doubles. I am 100% certain Ellsbury will score. He's got wheels, mothafucka!

Julio Lugo, 4 -4 ? He certainly plays better when he's getting shown up in all facets of the game by a rook, huh?

I miss Kason Gabbard.

Nice to see Clay get the 'W'. He's still throwing too many pitches (103 through 6 isn't gonna do it, especially on his pitch count) But getting the young gun a win can only help his confidence after that debacle in NYC.

Angels in town for three, give me the Sox in the first two and Lester dropping the matinee after throwing 250 pitches through 3 and a third. First pitch strikes, Jon. Please throw them. PLEASE.


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

"First pitch strikes, Jon. Please throw them. PLEASE."

And I would like to sleep with Jessica Alba, aint gonna....Wait she is pregnant?

I stand by my statement.

Sh!tShow said...

If it was Lester's first attempt, he'd stick it in Alba's ear.

Sean said...

Why does my version of this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure keep ending up with me getting banned from the Cask N Flagon?

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Yeesh. The way Lester's been struggling for control, he'd be lucky to get it in her ear.

Plus, I hear ear sex is a great way to enjoy intimacy while still saving yourself for that special someone!

Or at least I WOULD hear that if my eardrums weren't a little banged-up.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...