Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Wow, that must have sucked.

Early season baseball lends itself to overreaction. The baseball season is so long that judging a season by what happens in the first few weeks is unreasonable. Too much stuff is going to happen this summer to justify getting too fired up about one or two games in April. I know, I know, every game matters. This is true. But since we have such a small sample size so far this season, people tend to overvalue what's happened so far. Is Baltimore going to hold off the Yankees and Red Sox in the East? Maybe. Probably not though. Is Gabe Kapler gonna be one of the most feared hitters in the league this season? I can only hope so, but most likely he's gonna crash and burn. Will Ortiz end the season under .200? Please, for the love of God, no. Five and a half months remain in the season. History has shown that all of these abnormalities will eventually even out. However, people see these numbers, and all of a sudden the sky starts to fall.

Does the truth stop us? Of course not. I was nervous as hell during the Yanks series last weekend, even though I knew we'd see them 184 more times this year. I was furious we dropped 3 games to the Blue Jays, wondering if they were that good or we were that bad. I made the games more important than they are.

Which brings us to the Tribe. For the record: I used to have soft spot for fans of the Indians. I feel for fans that haven't seen a championship in a while, for obvious reasons. But man, for a team with that type of history, their fans seemed a little bit too smug last year, didn't they? For some reason, it seemed like they were enjoying beating the Sox just as much of not more than actually winning. And karma doesn't abide for that shit.

So the Sox came back and sent the Indians and their fans home without another title for yet another year. And from experience I can tell you that, whether they mentioned or not, some Cleveland fans were hoping for a "moral victory" this week. Their lineup, much like ours, has struggled to hit consistently and cohesively. Sabathia has been a nightmare. Borowski... well, he's been Joe Borowski. Their record reflects this stuff. And then the Red Sox, those assholes who stole their World Series' tickets last year, came to town, and man wouldn't it be nice to smack those arrogant Massholes right in the teeth?

So here we are two days later. After Borowski gift-wrapped Monday night's game for us with his "fastball" to Manny, the Indians were on the verge of salvaging a split against Wakefield last night, especially after Delcarmen hit Champagne Garko to walk in the tying run. But showing clutchifortitude, Varitek steps into to pinch hit and goes opposite field to take the lead right back, and an insurance run and three Okajima outs later, we're flying to New York, confident and winning, while Cleveland is wondering what the hell happened.

So what can we take from this? From a Red Sox perspective(you know, the from which what I get "paid" to write), it's sure as shit nice to start a road trip with two come from behind wins. The bats are coming through when it matters, the bullpen is starting to solidify a little bit (oh, there you are Mike Timlin! Nice to have you back!), and we're heading to NYC on a roll.

For Cleveland? I'd say not much. Those were two winnable games. After Wedge realizes that keeping Borowski as closer would be like sticking you head in a vice and squeezing during every close game this year, that bullpen will be formidable. Sabathia will come around. And come September, the Indians will be near the top of their division again.

But like I said, it's April. People overreact. So, good luck trying to tell them that.

P.S. Some new kid played, or something.


futuremrsrickankiel said...

I know you're leaving the Jed Lowrie out of this just to spite me, and I want you to know that I hate you for it.

I totally feel you on the Indians fans thing, though. I actually got in an argument with some dudes from Cleveland at a bar recently who were flaunting their "we almost beat you guys" shit in my face. PUH-LEEZ. I'm pretty sure my parting shot, right before my roommate dragged me away, was "YOU DON'T DESERVE LEBRON JAMES."

Sh!tShow said...

WhatwhatWHAT?!? Oh thats right! (slaps forehead) I forgot you like Lowrie.

Yeah, some Indians fans were laying it on thick last year. Did they follow up "we almost beat you guys" with "18-1" LOVE people who aren't Giants fans bust that out.