Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mayday! Mayday!

More bad tidings from the Glob. In the wake of yesterday's news that Gordon Edes is on the verge of jumping ship to Yahoo! Sports, David Scott reports today that the Globe's Peter May is about to accept a buyout and leave the paper.

I loved his work on "Night at the Opera".

Although not the biggest name at the Globe, May had carved out a niche as a solid, reliable basketball writer (much as Kevin Paul Dupont has his niche as a solid, reliable hockey writer), his cool, more analytical (dare I say "Gammons-like") style serving as the perfect counterpoint to Bob Ryan's fiery and passionate rants. Recently, however, he's mainly been seen on Sundays, contributing a weekly "On Basketball" piece. No idea on who takes over that role if he leaves -- presumably Celts beat reporter Marc Spears.

If May wants to continue working, I'm sure he'll find another position quickly. Otherwise, he can just live comfortably off the royalties from "We Will Rock You" and "Fat Bottomed Girls", I suppose....

As for the rapidly-declining (talent-wise and financially) Globe... well, they DO have some talent left on the roster in Ryan, Dupont, and the increasingly impressive Mike Reiss. And, of course... well, you know.....

[Ed. note -- we have gently informed A Pimp Named DaveR that Peter May was not the guitar player for Queen. He is taking the news well.]


futuremrsrickankiel said...

Question. At what point do we cease referring to this as a "secret" crush?

And, much as I do appreciate the Amalie, stringing together 58 1-line updates on Extra Bases does not a Gordo-quality article make.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Man, already a shitty year for the Boston media. First Tina Cervasio and now Gordo. Jesus I need a drink.