Monday, April 14, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Well, kinda. So the tying run was on deck instead of the winning run being in scoring position Friday, but the gist of it was the same right? Friday night’s game was within striking distance until the final out, and we won Saturday and Sunday. I’M A FUCKING GENIUS!!!!

Sadly, I don’t think this series matters much in the long run. Sure, it’s great to beat the Yankees, but half of them were injured this weekend. It just doesn’t feel right playing the Yankees without Jeter. Who am I supposed to pretend to hate and silently wish was on the Sox? A-Rod? Please.

Some thoughts from the weekend:

Clay is developing into one of those ballsy, Beckett like pitchers who you love to have on the mound in big games. His curve was nasty on Friday, and for the most part he pitched himself out of any game turning situations. The flip side to that coin is that he pitched himself into those jams in the first place, losing his mojo with runners on base. He also showed a little “2007 Dice K” with one bad inning, but he was able to get out with minimal damage. Still, he’s not to blame for the loss, and anyone who expresses disappointment at not getting a chance to strike out Derek Jeter gets a check plus from me.

Thank GOD I got to see the opening of some random Nascar race, FOX. Yeah, yeah, contracts. Whatever. If I had missed that last pitch, I would owe my friend two grand for a new bigscreen TV.

While we’re on Saturday’s game: I understand safety is the primary concern when it comes to lightning. And since I wasn’t at Fenway, it’s tough for me to say how bad the weather was and whether (weather… whether… CRAZY!) or not they could have continued to the top of the 8th inning. What I DO know is that it would have taken Coco Crisp on fire in center for me to stop the game with two men on and Papelbon coming into to pitch to ARod with the game of the line. And Crisp hasn’t been on fire since he got here.

Though Sunday’s game was up for grabs until the final out, I felt pretty confident as soon as Ellsbury ran the count full during his first at bat, and then Pedroia went 2-2 immediately afterwards. When the Red Sox are taking pitches, working the count, and still getting on, especially against a young pitcher who is on a pitch count, the game usually ends up a win.

Mike Timlin, please ignore the group of people surrounding your house with pitchforks and torches and keep working on getting your stuff back. It’s like quicksand, man. The more you let it affect you, the more dangerous it’s gonna be.

To Cleveland for the rematch! They’ve been struggling out of the gate, so I hope we sneak a two game sweep before we head to New York. Look for a split though.

Go Bruins!

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