Friday, April 4, 2008

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

In today's Globe, Amalie Benjamin (who is quite the dish, by the way) submits for your approval a summary of Jose Canseco's book signing at Borders downtown yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary, except.... someone asked him about giving his MVP award to Mike Greenwell.

"I'd be more than happy if I could find it," said Canseco of giving his 1988 MVP Award to runner-up Mike Greenwell. "I think I threw it in the garbage somewhere. He's going to have to look in the dumps of - where did I dump it? - in LA somewhere."

I hope it wasn't Amalie who asked that question. Because we know how smooth Jose is with the ladies...

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futuremrsrickankiel said...

You're kidding. Canseco was in our fair city and I MISSED the chance to kick him in the (shrunken) nuts? Sad.