Friday, April 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Red Sox purchase SS Jed Lowrie's contract from Pawtucket! reports today that the Red Sox have called up shortstop prospect Jed Lowrie from the PawSox. Although not on the roster for tonight's game against the Yankees, Lowrie will be in the dugout wearing number 12.

The soon-to-be-24-year-old (his birthday is on April 17!) Lowrie honed his skills at Stanford (smart cookie!), was a first-round pick in 2005, and has played stints in Lowell, Portland, and Pawtucket. He's noted for his speed on the basepaths and his remarkable plate discipline -- a rare quality in a rookie. Scouts say he needs to work on his throwing accuracy, but he fields well and has good throwing power.

Awesome. I'm so sick of Julio Lugo I could puke. PUT IN JED LOWRIE!

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Sh!tShow said...

Ahh, come on, we'll miss Lugo! Who else makes you think he could hit into a double play with the bases empty?

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

The scary thing is that Julio Lugo is hitting better than like two thirds of this lineup right now.