Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, I am guessing most of our readers could care less about the NATIONAL CHAMPION BC Hockey Team, but being a BC grad I am going to take this moment to gloat. This feels good, real good. I can’t compare this to a Red Sox World Series win or a Patriots Super Bowl, but this is still pretty sweet victory for a team and sport that gets little or no attention in this town. And beating Notre Dame only makes it better. Surprisingly this was not BC’s best team, the last two seasons in which they lost in the Championship game (to North Dakota and Michigan State which were both shit-tastic games), they were better all around teams. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of hockey, I watch hockey to see good physical games, quick skating and good goaltending. This year there were some good players, coached of course by the 2nd winningest coach in Hockey Coach York. But one player set this team night in and night out.

Meet Nathan Gerbe. He is 5’5 and 180 lbs, making him about 3 inches shorter than me, one of the fastest most athletic hockey players in the game. Let me say that again, he is 5’5. So, yeah he is short. How the hell a guy that small can take checks from guys 50 lbs and 6 inches taller than him is beyond me. He seemed like he could glide right through players twice his size and he was the spark plug of this team, and put together a very impressive season, coming 2nd in the Hobey Baker voting. He also was huge in winning the Beanpot, and whenever there was a big goal needed Gerbe was there. I don’t understand NHL drafts at all, but his rights are owned by the Buffalo Sabers. Whatever the hell that means.

I won’t bore you with anymore analysis of this game, because unless you went to BC you more than likely hate the Eagles. And I know a certain hockey editor here likes BU hockey, so this probably pains her (whoops gave it away) to read this article. But for a hockey team that has lost a ton of big games recently, this win was extra sweet. Championship rally at Conte Forum tomorrow night, and I’ll be there!


Sh!tShow said...

I demand a video recap of said rally, since BC chicks, though snotty, are quite attractive. Just say that you post at eh most electrifying Boston-based blog in Sports (or) Entertainment today.

Then crook your eyebrow.

Sh!tShow said...

"eh"? OH fucking fuck fuck.