Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boston... for Three!!!!... CLAAANG!!!

Welcome to the beginning of a bad ass time to follow pro sports, motherfuckers. Afternoon Sox game and then a double shot of Bruins and Celtics? Yes, please.

I'm not gonna go into heavy detail on anything, but last night was a great way to prepare for what hopefully will be a pretty intense April/May. The Celtics looked dominant and bored at the same time last night, toying with a team that still has an outside shot at the playoffs (and COVERING!). The Red Sox looked great, getting a diesel pitching performance from Lester and taking care of business against shaky relief pitching. And the Bruins lost a heartwrencher against the Devils in a shootout, but still managed to take away a point. All things considered, a pretty good day to be from around here.

Also, I realized last night I'm light years away from gameshape for the next two months. Check out the Sox schedule. In April alone, they play the Tigers, Indians, Yanks and Angels, all elite squads. The NBA playoffs start off April 19th. Also, if the Bruins can sneak in, the NHL starts before that. And there I was, working the remote like a chump, missing goals, mistiming bathroom breaks... I was playing like a rookie last night! I'm gonna have to either shape up or let the bars do the work. I'm just not sure my liver is up for that.

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